JBin Project is providing IT Global Projects

"We want to launch the next generation of global IT service platforms for future IT service providers and users"

Joonhyuk Suh - Co Founder

"We think it is better to pioneer the path to better solutions rather than follow the trends of others"

Haebin Seong - Co Founder

Environment Analysis

We provide a detailed analysis on the kinds of business being conducted at the environments in which our clients demand

Development Planning

Based on research, we review our client’s development plans and designs in order to help draw the project’s path to success

Risk Management

During the performance phase, we provide analysis and prevention of possible high-risk incidents


IT Services

Other types of IT requests are also available


Hacking & Security

Global Experts with experience in international competitions and hacking into various platforms

  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Consulting
  • Malware Analysis and Digital Forensic

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Customized Development Service based on the requests

  • Pricing is based on the scope of development and technology being utilized
  • Consultation is provided regardless of scope
  • Full Stack Development

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IT Infrastructure

On premise Support & Cloud Support

  • Field Service & Datacenter Support
  • IT Infrastruture Consult & Design & Deployment
  • Network & Server Maintenance

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JBin Project is expanding business with global companies

1Why choose JBin Project?
Our partners consist of highly valued companies with quality infrastructure and history. We strengthen our expertise through collaboration with the world’s leading experts for each service.
Some of our previous clients have a wide variety of business models and infrastructures including NTT, IBM, Northern Trust, RedHat etc. Through the many project experiences we accumulated, we have gained the ability to provide competent evaluations and problem diagnosis in an objective manner
For JBin Project, the success of the project comes first. We will not proceed with the project unless it is a “win-win” for both parties. We will adjust the cost appropriately based on the budget and scope of the project.

Building Business Models and Platforms for Enterprises and IT Specialists

JBin Project provides services for both IT service providers and clients. It will no longer be necessary to invest time and money into multiple different platforms, communities and outsourcing companies just to find IT providers and clients.

  • 1
    IT Specialists will directly examine the client’s request in an objective manner.
  • 2
    Countermeasures against any risks to the project will be provided on a consistent basis.
  • 3
    Any failed projects in the past will be used as a reference point for any similar projects to prevent such results.
  • 4
    In cases where we lack the proper resources for a project, we provide specialists externally as necessary.
  • 5
    During the evaluation phase of a project, we will be completely transparent and not conceal any details.
  • 6
    All ethical standards and procedures will be met to the highest standard.

There are no restrictions on the services that JBin Project is willing to provide

  • Support for connecting clients and external specialists are also provided.
  • The same level of support is provided for both individuals and organizations.
  • Services will also be provided in multiple languages.
  • The project will not commence until the request becomes clear and unambiguous.

Our Partners

Our partners are sharing projects and Enginnering Resources

Global Datacenter & Projects Support
Global IT projects & Datacenter support
Global IT Projects & Clients Support
Security Penetration & Bugbounty Platform Support
Security Penetration & Lab environment Support
Payment Support for Global Business
Payment Support for Global Business
Join Us

Partnership & Team Join inquiries available

JBin Project is currently recruiting partners and team members.

  • We welcome any confident developers, network engineers, designers, security experts etc.
  • New startup members and freelancers may also apply.
  • Partners who want to collaborate with JBin Project are also welcome.


Through our experiences we will lead the project with passion and responsibility


Haebin Seong

Co Founder


Joonhyuk Suh

Co Founder


JBin Project will work for you anywhere & anytime.

We share and support projects around the world through collaboration with our partners.

  • Remote Support Available
  • Multi-Lingual Support Available

What would you like help with?

Online & Offline Meeting available